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Dedicated to The Art of Modeling

Py Pai

This place is for the models and photographers, as well as modeling agencies and clients to find the inside world of modeling.

This is not geared toward the fashion industry, but more to the commercial side of the modeling, including promotional modeling and swimsuit modeling, alternative and art modeling.

Mainly I  have the belief that models that do not fit the "standards" of fashion modeling, still should have a platform to be represented and promoted.

Specifically, this site is dedicated to,
  • model showcase
  • model news
  • modeling guides
  • model photography tips and crafts
  • model agency presentation
  • client education and information
Look forward to seeing all frequently here, as I love to create an uplifting culture of all types of modeling arts that want to advance their skills and visions and have a place to show their artistry.Thank you / Py Pai

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