PYOGRAPHY: Make Yourself a Photography TEAM!! Technique, Emotion, Aesthetics, and Money!

"TEAM Approach: Expert Technique, Enticing Emotion, Strong Aesthetics, and Satisfying Money"
In the modern day photography practice, being it a hobby or a profession career, it takes a rounded approach to photography.  Here are the 4 key foundation pillars that I consider essential.
Technique The basic and the most talked about aspect of photography.  Whenever the words, focal length, f-stops, burst speed, full frame and crop, and many more, are seen, the interests are instant.  The internet is filled with sites and articles and videos about this aspect.  Definitely embark on a never ending learning of it.
Emotion The draw of the photo is beyond just a beautiful picture.  It needs to be calling an emotion.  Otherwise, it's a one page swipe, instead of second look lingering, or even page-on-wall memory.

The emotion of a picture is created by the subject and the subjective, or style.  The model in the picture can be emitting an expression, or a look, while the overall st…

MODEL SHOOT with Leanna Bartlett

MODEL SHOOT with Ellen Raie

MODEL SHOOT with Yvonne Van C

MODEL SHOOT with Caitlin O'Connor

MODEL SHOOT with Veronica Skylee

MODEL SHOOT with Tyler Aries

MODEL SHOOT with Hanna Ferraez

MODEL SHOOT with Constance Nunes

MODEL SHOOT with Nina Nicole 2017